We're Mature Dammit!

What? You don't believe us? We are!! *whine*

Mature Harry Potter Fans
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Okay. Now I'm gonna make the rules brief, because I'm hoping most (if not all) of you know simple manners.

1. We don't have an age requirement.
2. However, we *do* have an intellegance requirement. So please be smart. Don't be a moron, and we'll love you.
3. NO TEENYBOPPERS. This is the big one. This means no TyPInG LIEK DIS!!!1111!!! Mocking teenyboppers? Well, that's allowed. And believe me, we will mock teenyboppers. Just be warned. Teenies? Stay away. I realize that there are some younger fans who are not morons, which is why there is no age requirement. But this? Is a big rule.
4. There will more than likely be some adultish content including language and suggestions. You've been warned. If you are easliy offended? I recommend that you stay far away.
5. Please feel free to introduce yourself.
6. Graphics and Icons are allowed. Anything larger than an icon and any post containing more than three icons must be within a cut tag.
7. Fic is allowed. Please put all fic behind a cut tag. Give a warning if it's rated R or NC17 please. Slash is allowed.
8. Oh, and of course? Have fun! And lots of it.

That's all. And of course, no bashing of any kind it won't tolerate it. I'm sorry. That means character, ship, and community member. Period. This is the one rule that you break it? You're out. No warnings.

Community Maintainer: topazangel

Again, I will repeat. This community is going to contain adult content. Do not join if you are easily squiked and/or offended. You've been warned.